#rhylkitchen supportes

Jamie Oliver:  “These guys are doing an amazing job, they are now fundraising for a kitchen pod. We have got to support the teachers, and make sure they have the right resources and the cash to do it."

"This is a really important tool for a lot of different reasons . It's about arming kids with the life skills about food. Knowledge is power. And when diet-related disease is the biggest killer this stuff  is profoundly important. It's also about parents and we have two or three generations of parents on average around Britain that weren't taught to cook at school. What's lovely about this [project] is that it is open to the community. You satellite people in and you build up that spirit and get a mixture of ages. You give a lot of excuses for people to come in and share. And of course you have a diverse ethnic background in this area like many parts of Britain."

Luigi Cagnin, Restaurant Manager at The Ritz: "Building the kitchen is about building the children's future."

Tamsin Greig: "If you grow a kitchen, you grow a community; if you grow a community you grow a future". 

Kirstie Allsop: "It's completely inspiring to see this in action - the enthusiasm of the children. This Rhyl kitchen is worth building."

Gennaro Contaldo: "Marvellous, incredible. Every school should do this. All the children should understand how to cook. It's the future!"

Lee Connelly, Skinny Jeans Gardeners: "Let's get this built."