Wild Garlic

A friend dropped round with the first of the year's wild garlic - knocked up in a pesto. She whizzed up the leaves with walnuts, almonds and olive oil. Then added grated parmesan, salt and pepper and perhaps a touch a lemon juice to taste. For an all-British version, you can switch for rapeseed oil and a hard cheese such as cheddar. For other uses, it’s a good idea to wash the leaves well first. Then blanch for ten seconds or so in boiling water to soften them up.

Other tips for wild garlic:

– Stir strips through scrambled eggs or add to omelettes.

– Thread through pasta.

– Whizz in mayonnaise, add to aioli, or skordalia.

– Add to bubble and squeak.

– Add to Welsh rarebit.

– Infuse some leaves in olive oil to for a garlicky hit later in the year.