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Thai Lime Leaves (pack of 10)

Thai Lime Leaves (pack of 10)

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resh Thai lime leaves that we grow ourselves in the orchard greenhouse. The botanical name for the plant is Citrus hystrix and is also known as Kaffir or Makrut Lime.

These fragrant leaves are a key ingredient in many dishes from Southeast Asia, such as Thai green curries. The leaves release their flavour when crushed - so gently scrunch or shred before use. They also freeze very well.

  • Use the leaves whole, for example to flavour soups (Tom Yum is a classic), a coconut fish curry or pot of mussels - don’t eat them, though, as they are very fibrous!
  • Alternatively, to make them easier to eat, fold in half, remove the central rib, then roll up the leaves into a tight bundle and slice into shreds.
  • Use these as a garnish or deep fry to make them crispy.
  • Use in a green curry paste.
  • Infuse in sugar syrup for use in cocktails and desserts.
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