Cleaning Checklist

Please leave the kitchen clean and tidy as you find it. 

You can download a PDF copy of the Cleaning Checklist here.

Did you use nuts today?     YES   NO      (Circle the appropriate answer)

If yes, please make extra sure you have removed all traces from the kitchen. We are a nut-free school and it is essential that no traces of nuts remain in the kitchen because of the risk of allergens.

  • Worktops scrubbed with sponge with hot water and soap to remove debris then dried with blue paper cloth.
  • Worktops sanitised - use spray sanitiser, wait as per instructions on product, then rub dry.
  • Recycling in correct bins / caddies: food waste in brown bins outside kitchen; plastic and paper in green bin under shelter to right of door.
  • Non-recyclable rubbish in black bin bag must not be left in kitchen overnight. Please take away with you and dispose.
  • Knife cupboard locked. 
  • Washing up thoroughly dried and put away (it is important that it not damp when you put it away as this can encourage the growth of bacteria)
  • Sinks cleaned - no debris in plugholes
  • All equipment put back in its place
  • Electrical sockets turned to off position
  • Windows closed
  • Dishwasher turned off and door left ajar
  • Door locked
  • Key returned to key safe 

I / we have completed the above items:





This document was last updated on 20.7.23