Visit from North London Cares - 24.8.23

Visit from North London Cares - 24.8.23

North London Cares visits Rhyl Kitchen Classroom

Brilliant visit from North London Cares, a charity in Camden that does fantastic intergenerational work. Their website states: "London is amazing. In our patch of Camden and Islington, you’ll find world-famous markets, arts venues and people from all over the world. But as our modern world moves at breakneck speed, living here can also leave people feeling anonymous, isolated and lonely.

This is particularly the case for older people whose social networks may have frayed and whose communities are transforming faster than ever before due to globalisation, gentrification, digitisation, transience and housing bubbles; and for younger people facing work and social media pressures and often living far from friends and family."


 North London Cares cooking at Rhyl Kitchen Classroom

North London Cares dishes


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