Nigerian Food Start-Up Trials Sauces - 26.11.23

Nigerian Food Start-Up Trials Sauces - 26.11.23

Rose shows her Nigerian sauce
As part of our social mission at Rhyl Kitchen Classroom, we offer support to food start-ups who are in the early stages of planning their business. This is Rose Zebrowski, who is making a range of Nigerian sauces. She had free use of the kitchen to trial her products ....

What is your style of cooking? 
I want to bring Nigerian flavours to a wider audience. I was born in England but my parents and sisters were born in Nigeria in the Delta area. This is my take on Nigerian food. 

Nigerian food is so diverse - what characterises your cooking? 
These are the flavours I like. Hot, spicy flavours. I added some other ingredients that are not typical of Nigeria. 

Tell me about this dish. 
This is called a beef stew or tomato sauce stew. But you can add it to meat, vegetables, fish. Or just have it plain. Or use it as toppings for pizza or pasta. You could have it with anything. It's got a bit of a punch to it. They like nutmeg in Nigerian food. And I added lemon juice to bring down the pH level. 

How will you bring your products to market? 
I want to sell it to people. I may start at markets first - selling the sauces in jars. So it saves people time. I have got other flavours as well - Agusi (dried melon seeds) and peanut sauce. Nigerian food is never ending. My master plan is that people can just get it off the shelves. Nigerian food often takes a long time to cook. A lot of Nigerian cooks do a lot of batch cooking. But I want the convenience of getting it from a jar. 
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